Monday, August 24, 2009

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"A most important project" -Noam Chomsky, Institute professor MIT

"...a magnificent and entertaining introduction and elaboration upon an important way to understand the crisis in American democracy today"
-Robert W. McChesney, University of Illinois prof. co-author, The Death and Life of American Journalism

"I like it a lot...[its] segments 'move' [and] are both appropriate to the themes and hold the viewer’s interest." -Thomas Ferguson, UMass professor

"[Combines] real cinematic exuberance [with]... startling answers to questions [about democracy]" -

"Speaking as an economics graduate, I wish a documentary like this had been available to me before I took my degree in the 90's. [It] will leave you with a far better 'big picture' view than a 4 year economics degree." --Matt, IMBD reviewer

"...excellent" -David Cromwell, -editor medialens


  1. Great documentary Jonathan. I liked how you put everything together. The facts in your video are very insightful. How I wish everyone would see it.

  2. Very good documentary, however the conclusion, or the alternative is nothing concrete. Democracies are tyranies of the majority, because it produces unrepresentative administrations. Further more in two party democracies you don't have a real choice, it's either more or less progressive oligarchy, between more or less reactionary oligarchy. Free trade causes globalization, destroys indigenous forms of production, it causes financial imperiliasm with the consequence of militartic imperilism like Rosa Luxemburg said. Globalization meaning the rule of all nations over all nations. Especially in the monetarist international financial system, where you have central banks (private banks) recieving revenues as a result of public debt. In a world of sovereign nation states as stated in The Peace of Westphalia globalization would stop, free trade would be regulated between states, and the practice of nation banking under Alexander Hamilton's credit system would stop private banker financeer interests controlling the world economy. I myself know there is no perfect governing system, and that's why I advoce the governing type of constitutional republics where the state functions under a fixed body of laws, that are not subjected to majority changes. Justice also cannot function on the principle of democracy, either the jurry reaches an unanimous decision, if not the defended is free to walk. Also statless societies cannot exist in a world that states still exist, so either anarchy is reached through universal world decree, or they cannot establish themselvs on medium and long term. And even if they could, anarchy would still produce unrepresentative direction, because any action that requires collective human labour for production, needs a management direction. The 49% would struggle to attain different views and directions, while the majority (50+1%) would seek to establish their views and directions through means that undermine the minority, thus it would result in the birth of the post anarchic state/government.

  3. wow.. really exellent documentary. Theres a lot of information to convey but it does a good job at keeping it simple and digestible. Theres just few times were the professor mentions in brief academic side notes and phrases as reference to important historical developments that a lay audience may have to replay again to hear and look else wear for details( but hey i guess thats one of its purposes of documentaries). Other than that i really enjoyed the whole movie, it really paints a clear picture on how what exact problems centralization creates. I have been wanting my friend to see it and i hope i can dropp a couple of bucks. thanx.

  4. really thought provoking video, thank you very much for going to all the trouble.

  5. Excellent video for the resources you probably had to make it. The orginal interviews with Dr. Ferguson are great, and it's a nice collection of Chomsky clips as well. It prompted me to finally get on the ball and read the Golden Rule, which had been on my list for a while. Thanks for your work!

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  7. Great job, Jonathan. Just a confirmation of what I've already told you.
    - Dad

  8. this comment thread is awesome. five stars. i share this movie with a lot of people too.

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